1. The name of this organization shall be, THE PLEASANTDALE ROD AND GUN CLUB INC.


1. The objects and purposes of this organization shall be to propagate, preserve and protect fish, game and forests, and procure the enactment of laws for the preservation and protection of fish, game, and forests and to promote the abeyance and to assist in the enforcement of such laws. To foster public sentiment in favor of protection of fish, game and forests and to respect the rights of farmers in the protection of such rights. To promote interests in hunting, trap shooting, skeet, fishing, bait casting, boating and other lawful sports. To acquire and maintain club and other facilities necessary and/or desirable for promoting and carrying on the objects of the organization. To do any other act or thing incidental to or connected with, the forgoing objects or in advancement thereof and to provide social and athletic recreation for its members.


1. The membership shall consist of one hundred fifty (150) members of which the first 30 shall be charter members. Charter and regular members shall be entitled to hold any office. To hold office, a member must be 21 years of age. However, a member under 21 years of age has the right to vote on any club business.
1.1 Life membership. A member may become a life member upon reaching the age of 65. To be eligible, a member must be a member in good standing for at least 15 consecutive years, and be passed by a majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting. Life members will retain the same rights and privileges as any other member, including charter membership (if applicable), but will pay no dues. When voted as a life member all unused dues will be reimbursed.
1.1.2 Life members will be in addition to the regular & chartered members as defined in Article III-1, so that the club can maintain sufficient dues paying members to help defray club expenses.
1.2 Honorary membership. A member may become an honorary member when they have their dues and work hours waived for three or more years due to injury or illness, upon majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting. Honorary members will retain the same rights and privileges as any other member, including charter membership (if applicable), but will pay no dues. If in the future, that member recovers from his or her medical condition, that member will be returned to regular member status at the first opening.
1.2.1 Honorary members will be in addition to the regular and chartered members, as defined in Article III-1, so that the club can maintain sufficient dues paying members to help defray club expenses.
1.3 Junior members. Any member who 12 or older but has not reached the age of 21 shall be a junior member. Junior members shall pay at the rate of 50% of regular members and provide work requirements equal to 50% of that of members over the age of 21.
1.4 Prospective members are required to serve 6 months probation, with such 6 months period beginning with the prospective members' interview with the Board of Directors and upon the Board's approval.
1.4.1 Any member serving probation may attend all meetings, except the meeting at which his application is acted upon. In addition, such member may voice his opinion on any club business, but shall not be entitled to vote on such business.
1.4.2 Members on probation shall be entitled to all privileges of the club except as herein provided and except that he shall not be entitled to vote on such business.
1.4.3 A member serving probation may have his application voted upon at any regular meeting after the expiration of the 6 months probation period. The member must have a majority vote of those present at that meeting to be admitted to full membership.
2. Application for membership may be made at any regular meeting. In the event that at such time the membership is 150 in number, then such application shall be held until the membership is less than 150, at which time it may be considered.
2.1 An application fee of $25.00 must accompany each application. In addition, the prospective member must pay 6 months dues at, or prior to, his interview with the Board. Any dues that become payable thereafter are payable in accordance with Article IV.
2.2 The $25.00 application fee shall become the property of the Club upon acceptance as a probationary member. In the event that the prospective member is not accepted or in writing withdraws his application any unused portion of his dues will be returned to him.
3. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to develop the membership application and to adopt rules for admitting the new members. Such rules will be in addition to those specified in 1.3 of this Article.
4. Any member who is expelled or has voluntarily withdrawn, dropped out, or left the Organization and who desires to be reinstated must make application for membership as herein provided.


1. The dues for each member of this Organization shall be $100.00 per year payable annually on or before the regular July meeting. Partial or full payment prior to the due date can be arranged with the treasurer.
2. All members are required to work at least 10 hours per year. For purposes of this section, the year will begin on July 1st, and end the following June 30th. Any member who does not work 10 hours shall be assessed $50.00 to be collected in the same manner as dues.
3. Any member in arrears of his dues for a period not to exceed 1 month shall be notified to appear at the next regular meeting of the Organization and bring the same up to date. Should he neglect to do so, the member may be dropped from the membership by a majority vote of the members present at such meeting.


1. The annual meeting of this Organization shall be on the third Monday in January of each year.
2. All regular meetings shall be held on the third Monday of each month at 7:00 P.M. at such place designated by the President.
3. At the meetings of this Organization the order of business shall be as follows:
A. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting
B. Reports of officers and committees
C. New Business
D. Old Business
E. New Membership
F. Treasurer's report
G. Communications
H. Roll Call
I. Adjournment
4. Fifteen members plus two officers and one board member present at any meeting shall constitute a quorum authorized to transact any business duly presented at any regular meeting of the Organization.
5. A special meeting of this Organization may be called at any time by the President on three (3) days notice to the membership, which he will set forth the time, place and object of said meeting.


1. At the annual meeting of this Organization, there shall be elected by the members, the Officers and Directors. The officers being the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Directors being five (5) in number, all of whom shall constitute the governing body of the affairs and business of the Organization. In the event any office or directorship becomes vacant, the same shall be filled by the members as soon as convenient and practical.
2. No member shall be elected as an Officer or a Director who is in the arrears of his dues.
3. Each newly elected Director shall hold offices for five (5) years or until their successors are elected.
4. Meetings of the governing body of this Organization shall be called by the President on his own initiative whenever, in his judgment, it may be deemed necessary.
5. The duties and powers of the Officers of this Organization shall be as follows:
PRESIDENT The President shall preside at all meetings of this Organization and its governing body; appoint all committees, and see that the laws of this Organization are upheld. He shall not vote in any meeting except in case of a tie vote on any matter, and then his vote shall decide the question.
VICE-PRES In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall have all powers and prerogatives of the President.
SECRETARY The Secretary shall keep minutes of all the meetings of this Organization and shall do all correspondence made necessary by the affairs and business of this Organization. He shall keep a correct roll call of the membership and shall perform such duties as may be requested by the President.
TREASURER The Treasurer shall have charge of all receipts and monies of this Organization and deposit same in the bank or institution designated by the Organization to the credit of the Pleasantdale Rod & Gun Club Inc. He shall report the condition of the club at each meeting of the Organization.
6. The President and the secretary shall sign all leases, contracts or other instruments in writing.


1. The Officers and Directors shall be elected by ballot of this Organization and a majority vote shall elect each officer and director.
2. Each member shall be entitled to cast one vote.
3. All nominations of Officers and Directors shall be made from the floor and voted upon as herein provided.
3.1 Nominations shall be opened at the September meeting and closed at the October meeting.
3.2 At the October meeting the membership will choose an election day of 12 consecutive hours which should allow the greatest number of members to vote.
3.3 All Officers and Directors will be sworn in at the annual meeting of the Organization.


1. Any member of this Organization shall be granted the use of any property or facilities owned, leased, or contracted by the organization provided permission is granted by the houseman.
2. Any member and the family and/or guests of such member whose conduct while using the properties or facilities owned, leased, or contracted for by this organization, shall in the opinion of any member of this organization be considered detrimental to the welfare of this organization may be brought before the governing body which shall act upon such in the best interest of the organization.
3. The governing body of this organization may establish and enforce any and all additional rules and regulations deemed advisable and necessary.
4. Each and every member of this organization, his family, and guest shall be bound by and abide by these BY-LAWS and regulations.


1. No BY-LAWS can be suspended except by unanimous vote of the members present at any meeting of this organization and such suspension shall not extend beyond adjournment.


1. Amendments to these BY-LAWS may be made at any regular meeting of this organization by a majority vote of the members present provided that notice to amend such BY-LAWS has been given to all members at least ten (10) days prior to said meeting. Proposed amendments shall be in writing and submitted to the Secretary at the meeting in which they are proposed. Proposed amendments that are submitted and voted on by the membership cannot be Re-submitted with the same content and general meaning for one year of its original submission.


1. Misconduct shall consist of the following:
A. Refusal or failure without justifiable cause to comply with or abide by the provisions of the BY-LAWS or any rules adopted by the membership or Board of Directors.
B. Committing any act of fraud, embezzlement, larceny or misappropriation of funds or property or other things of value belonging to this club or refusing, failing or neglecting to comply with the provisions of these BY-LAWS requiring a full and accurate accounting of all funds, property, books and records for examination and audit.
C. Committing any physical assault upon any member while on the grounds of the club.
D. Failure or refusal to abide by the rules of order or parliamentary procedure established for the conduct of meetings of the club.
E. Committing any act of destruction of the building, property and the contents of the building belonging to this club.
2. Charges. Any member in good standing may prefer charges of misconduct as defined in section 1, against any Officer or member of this club.
2.1 All charges may be preferred to in the following way:
A. Be in writing;
B. Be signed by the party or parties preferring the same;
C. Contain a statement of the facts out of which such charges originated and set forth the specific act or acts alleged to constitute misconduct, the dates, places, and persons involved;
D. State the nature of the violation or violations as defined in section 1.
3. Notice of charges against any officer or member of this club shall be given to the Board of Directors of this Club by the officer or member preferring the charges at which time the Board shall send a copy of the charges to the accused.
4. Trials. Whenever charges are preferred against an officer or member of this Club the accused shall be tried within thirty (30) days by a Trial Board of three (3) members to be selected by the Board of Directors. The Board shall submit the names of seven (7) members in good standing to the accused of which the accused may reject four (4). The remaining three (3) shall be appointed as the Trial Board.
4.1 No name submitted for selection as member of a Trial Board shall be that of anyone directly or indirectly involved as a party, witness, or otherwise in the conduct giving rise to the charges, and in any event any of the members are so involved they shall be disqualified to sit as a member of the Trial Board, and the Board of Directors shall submit three (3) additional names from which the accused shall select one to sit as a substitute member.
4.2 Chairman of the Trial Board. Prior to proceeding with the trial, the members of the Trial Board shall select one of their groups chairman. The Chairman shall preside at the trial and rule on all points of order.
4.3 Absences of Trial Board Members from Session. It shall be the duty of each member of the Trial Board to attend all sessions of the trial. In the event that a member is unavoidably absent from a session of the trial, it may proceed provided a majority of the Trial Board members are present.
4.4 Rules for Trials. Except as otherwise provided in this section, Trial Boards may establish their own rules for the conduct of the trial. The accused shall be advised of all rules in advance of the date set for the trial. Additional rules of procedure may be determined by a Trial Board during the course of a trial if situations not covered by the rules adopted should occur.
4.4.1 For good cause shown, the accused or party preferring the charges may request a postponement of the date set for the trial. Such motion shall be addressed to the Chairman of the Trial Board and shall be subject to approval or rejection within the discretion of the members of the Trial Board.
4.4.2 Should the accused fail to appear for trial after due notice, or should he appear but refuse to comply with the rules for the conduct of the Trial prescribed in the BY-LAWS or formulated by the Trial Board, or should he engage in conduct designed to obstruct his trial, then in that event the Trial Board shall proceed to conduct the trial in his absence.
4.4.3 After all evidence has been presented and arguments made by all parties, the Trial Board shall conclude the trial and as soon as may be practicable submit for consideration its decision.
4.5 Decision of the Trial Board. The decision of the Trial Board shall be by majority vote of its members, shall be put in writing, and shall contain a statement of the pertinent facts involved, the violations charged, reference to all relevant Articles and Sections of the BY-LAWS or other governing laws involved, a pronouncement of the guilt or innocence of the party charged.
5. The decision of the Trial Board shall be submitted to the President at which time a meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held and the decision read, in the event the verdict is one of guilt the Board shall decide the penalty to impose. Penalty shall be reprimand, fine, suspension from office, or suspension or expulsion from membership of this Club. Decisions of the Trial Board shall be final and binding.
5.2 Copies of the decision of the Trial Board, and in the event the verdict is one of guilt, copies of the decision of the Board of Directors shall be given to all parties involved.
6. Decisions of the Trial Board and the Board of Directors shall be read at the next general membership meeting.


We certify this is a true copy of the BY-LAWS of the PLEASANTDALE ROD AND GUN CLUB INC., as amended through 10/17/16
Allen Yando - President,
John Murray - Vice President,
Tara Jacon - Secretary,
John E. Watson - Treasurer

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